Pancake copper coil

Pancake Copper Coils (PCC)

Applications Areas:

Application Areas are not just limited to the below mentioned uses. Copper Coil has a vast usage in today’s dynamic world.

1 Air Conditioners 2 Refrigerators
3 Water Tube Services & Distribution 4 Fire Protection
5 Plumbing 6 Heat Exchange Use
7 Re-drawing Use 8 Drain
9 Vent Piping 10 Snow Melting


OD It ranges from 4.0mm to 25.4mm
Thickness 0.40mm onwards
Coil Weight Available in 80kg – 100kg – 150kg – 200kg – 250kg – 300kg – 500kg
Remarks Phosphorus Deoxidized Copper
Oxygen Free Copper


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