Corn syrup

Corn Syrup


Corn Syrup commonly known as Liquid Glucose or Glucose Syrup is made from the hydrolysis of starch. It is slightly yellow to colourless, clear, thick, viscous syrup, sweet to taste. It is miscible with water & sparingly soluble in alcohol. Liquid Glucose is usually manufactured by subjecting starch to high temperature in the presence of enzymes. Normally glucose syrup is a mixture of Dextrose, Tetra, and Penta in higher saccharides.


A) Sugar Confectionary: Liquid Glucose prevents spoilage of the product without unduly increasing its sweetness. In confectionery, Liquid Glucose is major ingredient of hard candies. Other important functions in sugar confectionery are to provide: 

  • Texture:The ability of Liquid Glucose to control the crystallization process is very important to the texture and form of sugar confectionery products such as caramel fillings and toffee. In hard toffee the ability of melted sugar to create a glassy, firm structure is also utilized. To prevent crystallization in certain products, Liquid Glucose is often used.
  • Flavour:Liquid glucose adds sweetness and enhances other flavours.
  • Colour: Decomposition products from heating the sugar influence the colour. This is particularly important in giving caramels and toffee their characteristic taste.
  • B) Chocolate Confectionary:Chocolate confectionery is cocoa-based products. In chocolate products, the sugar mainly affects the:  

  • Taste :Liquid Glucose adds sweetness and balances the slightly bitter taste of the cocoa. In milk chocolate the milk powder also adds sweetness, and consequently the sugar content is lower than in plain chocolate.
  • Texture : Liquid Glucose has an impact on the viscosity of the chocolate and thus the texture and form of the end product. Liquid Glucose, which is a mixture of equal quantities of glucose and fructose, is mainly used for chocolate fillings because it does not crystallize.
  • C) Ice-cream Industry: In Ice cream, Glucose syrup not only prevents sucrose crystallization but also imparts a smoother texture.

    D) Bakery Industry: Commercial Bakeries do use liquid glucose for pies, cream fillings.

    E) Tobacco Industry:  Glucose syrup is used in the preparation of Chewing Tobacco to impart flavour and to promote desirable texture and keeping qualities. It is also used for flavouring and dressing tobacco for Cigarettes.

    F) Pharmaceutical Industry:  In the Pharmaceutical industry, Liquid Glucose is used as a base for various liquid formulations, such as tonics, elixirs, cough syrups, etc. Liquid glucose has a moderate sweetness, which is preferable to the excessive sweetness of sugar. Also, liquid glucose has the advantage of not crystallizing when stored.

    F) Tanning Industry: The action of Liquid Glucose in tanning gives pliability and weight to the leather. In the chrome process glucose syrup is used because of its reducing action.

    Physical Parameters

    Appearance Slight Yellow to Colorless, Clear, Thick, Viscous Liquid
    Taste Sweet
    Solubility Miscible with water & Sparingly soluble in alcohol

    Chemical Parameters

    Total Dry Solid % 82 – 87
    Dextrose Equivalent % 38 – 47
    Sulphated Ash % 0.3 Max
    pH of 50% Solution 4.5 – 5.5
    Free Acidity (ml of 0.1N
NaOH /25gms) 2.0 Max
    Sulphur Di-Oxide ppm 400 Max
    Clarity of 50 % Solution Clear
    Starch Test Absent
    Foreign Matter & Black Particle Absent


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