Dextrin powder

Dextrin Powder


Dextrin is degradation product obtained by treating starch under carefully controlled conditions. Dextrin is made by heating starch in dry form with small amounts of catalyst. Dextrin is White or Yellow Powder that is partially or fully water-soluble, yielding optically active solutions of low viscosity. There are two types of Dextrin such as White Dextrin which has an appearance of the native starch and has solubility varying from 25-80%. It forms a soft, light coloured gel on cooling. The other one is Yellow Dextrin which ranges in colour from pale yellow to dark brown and has high water solubility. It is used to produce high solid concentration pastes.


Adhesive Industry:One of the main ingredient in manufacturing of liquid and dry adhesive is yellow dextrin as it goes into solution instantly with a lesser quantity of water. Also, because of their greater adhesive strength and fluidity, it is widely used in the manufacture of:

  • Spiral and convolute tubes.
  • Carbon paper manufacturing, abrasives and in dry distemper.
  • Machine labelling of tins, cartons, packages, envelopes, corrugated boxes etc.
  • Also used by crackers manufacturer due to its adhesive properties & also explosive character.
  • In book-binding, paper cones & tubes, carton sealing, cigarette pasting, match-head & match box making.
  • Chemical & Dyes Industry: The advantage of Dextrin in the dyestuff industry is that they wash out quickly and easily and do not react with chemicals used in the process. It is so well recognized that many large-scale manufacturers have started using highly soluble Dextrin as diluent to standardize the dyes with respect to the range of colours.

    Textile Industry: As Dextrin do not easily react with chemicals, they are specifically suitable for applications in the textile field. In textile printing, they are used as thickeners. In sizing, they are used with starch for increased adhesiveness. In finishing, they give desired ‘feel’ and handle to the fabrics.

    Paint Industry: Dextrin is largely used in dry distemper. Two to three per cent of dextrin, mixed with chalk and pigment, acts as a carrier and imparts good adhesion of the paint to the wall.


    Description White Powder Yellow Powder
    Particle Size To pass 85 mesh BS To pass 85 mesh BS
    Moisture content by weight (Max) 10 8
    Cold Water Soluble Per Cent By Weight 25 to 85 90 to 95
    Reducing Sugar As Dextrose Per Cent By Eight Max 3 5


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